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Driving Teenagers

Do I trust my teenagers? Of course I do, I still have my doubts on, are they going to be texting and driving, everybody does it, every time I turn my head in the car I see the person in the car next to me with the phone in his/her hands. Are they texting, calling, looking at the calendar, searching the web or perhaps just trying to play some music? what ever it is that we are all doing is still a distraction. I trust them but I don’t trust the rest of the world on the wheels. The thing is that us women go in the car maybe not texting or checking our phones…. but we might be putting our make up on while driving… have you seen any in the mornings?  Anyways my point is that I have two teenagers close to be on the wheels and I just cant’ stop worrying and all I want to do is slow down the time…… #iamnotawriterIMG_9823X


Oh babies….oh teenagers!

Do you get a little nervous to take your newborn to her/his first doctor’s appointment? Don’t be. They’ll help you with what questions to ask and what paperwork to remember to bring and what baby needs. Do you remember bringing your babies and toddlers to their pediatrician? The stroller, the baby bag full of items including baby bottles, formula, toys and so many more items we forget we were carrying. We also used to hold that tiny person who would just fit perfectly like a piece of a puzzle right in to your arms. When now I come and  bring my 5’6′ teenagers taller and stronger than me and get to watch other moms with those tiny babies and all I did was tearing out, missing those moments…..and wishing I could still hold and hugging them again……Oh babies…..Oh teenagers!