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Oh Friday, the beginning of the weekend? Again, what is so amazing about a specific day of the week? Friday can be someone’s beginning or the middle of their week. What is it that you can’t  or can do on a Friday? Everyone goes with TGIF!! don’t we give thanks for the rest of the days of the week? I do….how about TGIT? “Thank God is today”…. today or any day can be the best day of our lives. So why do we get so attached to love Friday so much? Every day is a great day to be thankful for and to do the best we can. Why wait for a specific day? Any day can be our beginning or the end of something…. I love Fridays but again, I do love Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays! I wish you all have an amazing day!


Hello world from Nella!

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I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Moved to Miami in 1996 where I met who is now my husband, love of my life and the father of my two wonderful kids. They teach me something every day. I love my family and spending time with them. Love traveling, taking pictures and creating memories. I put our lives in God’s hands and that is why we are so blessed, happy and  close no matter the distance in between. Family and friends first! I am not a writer, I speak two languages and English is not my first, so you may see few grammar mistakes here and there, I am just sharing few stories…!