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Oh Friday, the beginning of the weekend? Again, what is so amazing about a specific day of the week? Friday can be someone’s beginning or the middle of their week. What is it that you can’t  or can do on a Friday? Everyone goes with TGIF!! don’t we give thanks for the rest of the days of the week? I do….how about TGIT? “Thank God is today”…. today or any day can be the best day of our lives. So why do we get so attached to love Friday so much? Every day is a great day to be thankful for and to do the best we can. Why wait for a specific day? Any day can be our beginning or the end of something…. I love Fridays but again, I do love Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays! I wish you all have an amazing day!


Oh babies….oh teenagers!

Do you get a little nervous to take your newborn to her/his first doctor’s appointment? Don’t be. They’ll help you with what questions to ask and what paperwork to remember to bring and what baby needs. Do you remember bringing your babies and toddlers to their pediatrician? The stroller, the baby bag full of items including baby bottles, formula, toys and so many more items we forget we were carrying. We also used to hold that tiny person who would just fit perfectly like a piece of a puzzle right in to your arms. When now I come and  bring my 5’6′ teenagers taller and stronger than me and get to watch other moms with those tiny babies and all I did was tearing out, missing those moments…..and wishing I could still hold and hugging them again……Oh babies…..Oh teenagers!




Oh Monday!

Monday is just another day of the week, is it the first or the second day of the week? ….. Between Sunday and Tuesday but what is so bad about Mondays? Why everyone always complains when Monday comes? What if you have Mondays off? Would you still dislike Mondays or would you start to dislike Tuesdays?  What if you have Thursday and Friday off? Then you would really dislike Saturdays? Ha! Why do we really dislike Mondays?

Monday is always the day when we in our minds decide to start something… gym, diet, a new job, a new adventure…..so what is so bad about Monday? I personally like any day of the week, even Monday!

Summer Time Part 1

Every year at this same time we come to realize another year has gone and our children are growing up in front of our eyes and sometimes we don’t realize it soon enough. We start thinking what we could have done different, or better. The thing is that no matter what, time goes on and no matter what we could have planned to do sometimes the every day life won’t let us do it and then another year has passed with some undone plans….. I am hoping to have another summer trip to be able to know my kids more.  To know where to, you will need to keep reading my posts. Even though I live in what many of us call Paradise, we sometimes travel to other places…. travel is learning!

Graduation time

Well, everyone has someone who is graduating these days…. can be Kindergarten graduation, Middle School graduation, High School graduation or even College graduation of course….. hey I know someone who is graduating from VPK, haha! so cute.

Mine was Middle School this year….it seems like is not big deal but to me it is… just another step and more keep going to achieve what we all parents want for our children. The ultimate College graduation… when they really become adults and professionals and we hope they don’t need to depend on us…… I get a little choked up of course… hey I did choked up at MS graduations and teared up while Kindergarten graduations…. too emotional I guess? Anyways, good luck to all the kids out there graduating and good luck on your next journey.

Projection Graduation